Tracy J Soto is a Houston born/ Pennsylvania native, and has lived in

Reading since early 90’s. I think from a very young age art for me came easy.

I remember winning, and that turning into the norm. I remember the feeling of 

Making my mother proud, and that turning into the norm. Luckily i was young 

and got the chance to experience new environments. My focus on art i think 

had the chance to evole. These new experiences gave me the chance to start over

in the sense of inspiring a new set of people with completely different views.


 My art again had a chance to evole when i got into Reading High. My Art Teachers

at the time played the biggest part in molding me into the artist I am today.


Graduating from reading high, I then attended Hussian school of art.

At this time my love for the type of media i use changed Again. I discoverd 

the art of fashion in a sense. My BIG IDEA .( PUT MY ART ON SHIRTS ). Again 

luckily for me a locily owned Nationally know brand called Miskeen gave me 

the chance to show case my art skills. After learning the trade of this style of art,

I went on to persue The life style of a freelance artist.


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