When your goal is to be part of a movement toward change, inspiration and knowledge, you allow your work to consume you until it is no longer work, but a way of life. For visual artist Theron Cook, this way of life has allowed him to live by the philosophy that “art is everything and everything is art.”
When Theron began his career as a visual artist in the eleventh grade at Reading Senior High School, he was considered a late bloomer; In spite of this, he would graduate as one of the top artists in his graduating class, having won several awards, as well as recognition as a premiere young artist in the city. According to Theron this endeavor into the arts would forever change his life. “My life started to have purpose,” explains Theron. “I knew exactly what I wanted to pursue as a career. I started questioning, researching, and reading a lot more. Images began to come to me that I just couldn’t describe in words.”
Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, PA was the next stop for Theron. It was there that Theron realized that he wanted to pursue a career as a magazine owner and publisher. In his senior year, Theron took on an internship in New York City with VIBE Magazine where he was able to learn the ins and outs of the magazine publishing industry. As intern in the graphic design department, Theron was always the first person to arrive to work, and the last person to leave, despite making the over two hour commute from Pennsylvania to New York City to report to work every day.

Theron believes that everyone has the same opportunities, but it is how people choose to take advantage of those opportunities that set them apart from others. A self-proclaimed obsessive traveler, adventurer and thinker, Theron wears many hats as a visual artist. In addition to his work as a professional painter, Theron is a published author and the founder of Mute Magazine (Theron founded Mute with childhood friend. With Mute, Theron has created a brand that allows him to fulfill his passion for graphic design, creativity and music by celebrating artists who make (M)usic (U)nder (T)he (E)dge.
Theron has had his work on display at a Da Vinci Art Alliance exhibition sponsored by Discovery Channel, and has also been a featured artist at the GoggleWorks. Most recently, Theron was handpicked to be a Philadelphia RAW artist represented by RAW Natural Born Artist. Theron has also used his skills as a visual artist to lend his time to more than a few worthy causes in and around the city of Reading, PA, including, most recently, the Read To Live, Vivir Para Leer Reading Campaign.
And if all of this isn’t enough, he is currently preparing to go on a nationwide tour displaying his Master Collection that coincides with the message in his book, The 7eventh Note The Perception of Life.


Written by David Nazario









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